solar FILM

Savings for Home and Work

Sunlight can transform a room. It can brighten the atmosphere, bringing with it warmth and a more favorable ambiance. It can also bleach your hardwood floors, furniture, and artwork, cause eye straining glare and a variety of health problems, create hot spots and cause higher-than-needed energy costs and a whole lot more.

Solar film offers a green and cost-effective solution that will reduce fading, heat, and glare. Maybe best of all, the level of visible light reduction is completely up to you.

We offer a variety of shades to choose from. Even a light window film can make a huge difference. You don't need to see the film in order to feel change or see the reduction in your HVAC costs.



Solar films can add to the efficiency of your current windows, at a fraction of the cost of what it would take to replace them.

We’ve got options to suit most anyone: solar film comes in both colorful and neutral choices from which to pick.

Take advantage of lower utility bills and blocking out harmful UV rays.

Lightweight and easy to apply, solar window film is just as easy to remove, making futures changes less problematic.

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