Steer Clear

The National Zoological Park, commonly known as the National Zoo, is one of the oldest zoos in the country and is considered part of the Smithsonian Institution which doesn’t charge admission. Perhaps one of the most popular exhibits at the National Zoo is its Panda Cam.


A film solution to write home about

Close your eyes and imagine the last conference room you were in and think of all the items in that room: A big, long table with chairs lined up around it. In the center of the table sits a Polycom or telephone with speaker, maybe there’s some pens laying around, on one side of the room is a credenza with drawers. In those drawers – napkins, plates, cups, maybe some cords for a projector. In the corner of the room a giant flip chart or dry-erase white board (with old lines, arrows and boxes still faintly visible).


Not all decorative window film companies are created equally

Glasswork isn’t cheap. It can be even more expensive if you make a misstep. So, it’s especially important – whether for your home or office – that you take special care when shopping for decorative window film companies in and around Washington D.C. As we’ve noted earlier, applying special applications to glass is NEVER a do-it-yourself project and best left for those who have years of experience in this specialized industry. Decorative window film can be especially challenging, especially when considering the myriad of combinations given design, color, finish and placement. To help guide you, below is a short set of considerations to consider during the process.