Custom Decorative Film for Towson University

With abundant experience in installation and hundreds of choices to choose from, in a wide selection of colors and patterns, you can almost say we wrote the book on decorative film. Which, in this instance, is apt, as our most recent Film Room Glass Tinting project was for Towson University’s Albert S. Cook Library. Centrally located on Towson’s campus, the library serves as a resource for student users, and houses library catalogs, computer workstations, electronic classrooms, and rooms used for working, reading, presentations, and more. Of course, for late nights cramming and dwindling energy, there is also a Starbucks in the lobby.


Custom Graphic Prints for NOAA

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is an American scientific agency through the United States Department of Commerce. Founded by former president Richard Nixon in 1970, NOAA has been tirelessly focusing on the conditions of the oceans and surrounding atmosphere since the beginning. This massive agency handles situations surrounding the weather, climate, satellites, forecast tools, oceans, surrounding coasts and massive amounts of research. As a huge administration of large importance to our country, it is important that NOAA has a sufficient space to work in that also inspires their workers. As an agency that also provides opportunities for students and volunteers, the new remodel for NOAA offices had to be perfect. It was no question who they needed to contact to instill their vision and provide a spectacular addition to their brand new offices.


Stained glass decorative film: What’s old is new again!

Between the 5th and 15th centuries - the span of 1,000 years also known as the middle ages - the use of stained glass began. Originally used in churches, mosques and castles - places of significance - stained glass was used to adorn a space. Stained glass is both an art and craft - requiring artistic skill to develop a practical design, the engineering competency to assemble the window and then ultimately construct it into its intended space. Like windows today, stained glass windows needed to be snug to keep out the elements, support its own weight but also allow light to come through. The overall design can range from biblical narratives, academic themes, floral themes - the options are many.