Over 20 Years of Quality Glass Tinting

We’ve honed our technique and expanded upon our expertise, and customize each project to meet the specific needs of individual clients. What’s standard for all clients is a pride in service and customer satisfaction that you can depend on, each and every time.


Everything We Do, We Do It For You

Our company’s main goal is to provide excellence and superiority in each of our projects. Since 1996, we’ve had a proven record of customer satisfaction, set apart by our professionalism, experience, and polished technique.

We set our expectations high in our delivery, priding ourselves on leaving job sites cleaner than when we arrived, and that our particular nature lends itself well to each and every detail, creating a product you feel satisfied by. We care about our clients, and the products and services we provide you.

We look forward to partnering with you for your window tinting and decorative film needs.

Film Room Glass Tinting proudly serves the Baltimore and DC metropolitan areas, as well as Northern Virginia and up and down Interstate 95 around Baltimore.

For your commercial, government, or residential window film needs



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