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Custom Graphics

Custom Graphics


Enhance and Reinforce Your Brand

Want to create an eye-grabbing design to really stand out? To put a tailored effect on your advertising, Film Room offers custom-cut designs for geometric patterns, calls-to-action, or other personalized layouts for signage or vision strips to enhance your building or glass. Custom graphics allow you to optimize on wasted marketing space with flexible films that can fulfill different needs.

Film Room Glass Tinting can also offer large format displays and printing as well. These are mostly used for window graphics and signage and with our white ink printing options, we can create photo realistic signage and gradient frost patterns. If you are looking to create a graphic that speaks volumes for your business, local sports team, or home business, this is the perfect medium.


Benefits of Decorative Film


Allowing more natural light in, by using glass instead of walls, alleviates the need for artificial light, making a living or working area more welcoming.


By installing decorative film, whether it be colored, tinted, or frosted, you enable more privacy for when you call for more confidentiality or discretion.


Decorative film can provide an opportunity for clever advertising or marketing, and is much more changeable than reworking entire panes of glass.


Incorporate color or texture into your space with minimal disruption during application or removal.

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