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Safety & Security Film

Safety & Security Film


Proactive Window Protection

Unfortunately, we live in a time where crime, natural disasters, and accidents are an everyday occurrence. Taking the steps to have heightened security can alleviate the concern of incidents happening. Film Room offers “smash-and-grab” safety and security window films that deliver protection from impact due to theft or intrusion, flying debris, or great amounts of movement from hurricanes or bomb blasts, and other challenging instances.

Film is applied to the glass in your home or office space, where it is caulked to the frame. Films are thick, durable, and strong, tested to ensure they’re suitable for any type of window application, and are available in clear or tinted versions in a multitude of styles and grades.


Privacy, Replacement & Commercial Application

We also offer a variety of anti-graffiti films to protect against scratching, etching, and even acid creams. The benefit of this type of glass is that in the case of graffiti, we simply remove the film and install a new piece at a fraction of the cost of replacing entire pieces of film.

We also know that, at home or at work, privacy can be a big concern. Deterring unwanted attention from your home, whether from neighbors or especially burglars, can be an important priority, and we have options of opaque privacy film to suit your needs.

Commercially, we have options that can be customized for advertising purposes while safeguarding a view in from the street. Privacy film is dark, metalized, or mirrored products that can be applied to any window. You can subtly change the look of your home or office space while still offering you additional privacy and a natural view of the outside world.

Benefits of Decorative Film


Allowing more natural light in, by using glass instead of walls, alleviates the need for artificial light, making a living or working area more welcoming.


By installing decorative film, whether it be colored, tinted, or frosted, you enable more privacy for when you call for more confidentiality or discretion.


Decorative film can provide an opportunity for clever advertising or marketing, and is much more changeable than reworking entire panes of glass.


Incorporate color or texture into your space with minimal disruption during application or removal.

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