Rice Paper

An Elegant Window Film - 10.03.17

A simple search at Home Depot or Menards will show 'rice paper' blinds, window treatments and even ‘peel and stick’ film. Rice paper effect is a natural effect that improves the overall ambiance for any space. However, rice paper film also has several commercial applications as well – much like a current project we recently completed at this church in Baltimore:

In addition to a wide variety of window film applications that include the list below, FilmRoom is ready to speak with you about your custom needs:


Decorative: Film Room Glass Tinting offers decorative films in hundreds of choices in a variety of colors and patterns. We install every one that is made by different manufacturers like Decorative Films, 3M, Llumar, Avery or Oracal.


Solar: Sunlight can transform a room. It can brighten the atmosphere, bringing with it warmth and a more favorable ambiance. 


Safety & Security: We live in a time where crime, natural disasters, and accidents are an everyday occurrence. Taking the steps to have heightened security can alleviate the concern of incidents happening.


Custom Graphics: To put a tailored effect on your advertising, Film Room offers custom-cut designs for geometric patterns, calls-to-action, or other personalized layouts for signage or vision strips to enhance your building or glass.


Logo & Lettering: Film Room Glass Tinting helps project your business in its most professional light, displaying logos and lettering in beautifully designed aesthetics and in placement with frosted or decorative glass that suits the medium.


Adding to our portfolio of decorative film applications, we hope to see more requests for ‘rice paper’, which, as you can see is an elegant effect – offering privacy, décor and serenity – which was perfect for the client. Our technicians are well trained, efficient and have the experience needed for a wide range of products, not to mention the appropriate training and certification to deliver the highest standard in the industry.


Call FilmRoom today and see more of what we’ve done and explore ways to transform your home or business space.