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What it means to be a 3M Authorized Window Film Installer

What it means to be a 3M Authorized Window Film Installer


3M is one of the most recognizable brands in window film. They have spent the past five decades creating and innovating various adhesive products.  3M offers some of the most popular window films and adhesive products on the market today. 

3M products can be purchased around the world and many technicians use their products for window film and tinting installations

So, why are 3M products so popular and why is it a big deal to work with a 3M authorized installer? That’s exactly what we will discuss in today’s article.


Why 3M window film

3M offers a number of high quality products. But when it comes to window film, they are actually credited with being the ones who formulated it. Since then, they have been constantly looking for way to innovate and improve their products. 

When most window film installers want to ensure they deliver a high quality job, they use 3M’s window film products. The research, testing and improvements made allow them to beat their competitors' products time and time again. 

They also stand by their products. So much that they’ve created a way to identify who they are confident in installing their products. They call them 3M Authorized Window Film Dealers/Installers

When it comes to installing window film, 3M has set the standard.


What it means to be a 3M Authorized Window Film Installer

Being a 3M authorized dealer means more than someone who sells 3M products. 

This network of dealers are committed to the highest quality and service standards. They have been professionally trained and certified to deliver superior installation backed by 3M’s comprehensive warranties.

This is important because you want someone who has proven expertise and experience installing window film. When window film is improperly installed, it can bubble, begin wrinkling or start to peel. 

The last thing you want is to invest in a premium product and pay an installer just for the job to be botched. Working with an authorized installer can help you ensure the job is done correctly the first time and will last a long time.


Your local Maryland 3M film installer

Here at Film Room, we wear our 3M badge proudly. We are a Maryland window film company offering a number of solutions for businesses and homeowners. 

Whether you’re looking to block solar glares and uv lights in your home, or add privacy and style to your meeting room walls, we can help. We offer decorative, solar, security and custom window film solutions

Our installers are expertly trained to ensure our customers get the best products and a long lasting installation. 

If you’re looking for a local 3M dealer in Maryland, DC or Virginia, then contact us and let us know how we can help you. With us, you can have the confidence in knowing you are working with quality products and expertly trained installers.