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Professional Window Film Installation or DIY?

Professional Window Film Installation or DIY?


Want the benefits of window film but you are wondering about the best installation process? Individuals and businesses have options when it comes to purchasing and installing window film. One can buy window film from retailers and install it themselves or have a professional install it for them.

DIY installation is of course a cheaper option while paying a professional installer will ensure quality performance. So, as a consumer, do you opt for the money-saving or quality option? 

Understanding the benefits of window tints like decorative window film or solar film is the first big step in the process. Now all you need to do is find the best option. 

We will help you do that by discussing the installation process, and providing you with the information to decide what is best for yourself. 

The Installation Process

Installing window film is one of those things where it looks simple but can be a little more complicated than anticipated. If you’ve ever attempted a DIY home improvement project that left you frustrated, overwhelmed and required multiple trips to the store than you know where window film installation can lead you. 

As we mentioned, the process seems fairly straightforward:


  • Measure the window area
  • Clean the windows thoroughly
  • Cut and prepare the window film
  • Apply and smooth out the film
  • Trim and finish 

The process seems simple but it takes an experienced professional to ensure all goes right. 

Prepping window film for installation Professional window film installer installing film on wall Final window film installation job


What could go wrong?

Professional window film installers really make the process look easy. What many don’t realize is that it’s easy to mess up and can cause you to lose precious time and money when done wrong. 

Without proper installation a number of issues can occur during installation:

Bubbles can appear in the film
The film can become damaged during application
Lack of proper preparation can lead to adhesive failure
Improper installation can leave your glass looking cloudy

There are many window film options and tools available for those who want to tackle the project themselves. If you don’t mind doing the work, and don’t mind if the quality is a little subpar or if the job’s not perfect then go ahead and take a stab at it yourself. 

If you are concerned about how the job will turn out or want to ensure your get the most out of your investment then consider hiring a professional to do the job.  

Is it worth it to hire a professional installer?

professional window installer in Maryland trimming window film

Yes, it is worth it to hire a professional window installer. Of course, as professional window film installers in Maryland, our opinion may be biased. Let us simply provide you with the information and you can make the decision for yourself. 

Hiring a professional window film installer comes with expectations you can put your trust in: 

  • The job will get done right 
  • Higher-quality film used
  • The availability of custom film creations
  • Warranties

The best benefit of all is that you don’t have to do the work yourself! 

Think of a professional window film installer like any other professional service. You can watch instructional videos and do the job yourself, but if you want the highest quality work or customized solutions, it’s best to hire a professional.