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A Perfect Partnership: Film Room and Thompson Creek

A Perfect Partnership: Film Room and Thompson Creek


Film Room and Thompson Creek are the perfect pairing: we pride ourselves on precise, quality work, offering a wide variety of tailored commercial and residential window tinting, film, and graphics, and Thompson Creek upholds the same standards to their home improvement replacement products. With a family-owned and operated manufacturing center based in Upper Marlboro in Prince George’s County, and their corporate headquarters not far away in Lanham, Thompson Creek offers customers in the Mid- Atlantic area an ample selection of replacement windows, doors, gutters, siding, and roofing. It was only a matter of time till our paths crossed.

In early April, we had the opportunity to work with Thompson Creek on their headquarters, updating the corporate space with decorative film for multiple purposes. Decorative film can be used in many ways, in an assortment of colors and patterns. We’ve had clients create understated—and also daring— design statements in various rooms, and in this instance, Thompson Creek went for designs that were subtle but modern.

First impressions count, and we wanted to lend to a lasting and positive impression for those entering into the Thompson Creek offices for the first time. A portion of the decorative film we used was right off the entryway and included their logo. When the time comes to update the office with paint or different furniture, this glass will be able to stay as long as the branding doesn’t change. Should Thompson Creek wish to change their logo, it’s as simple as removing the film—something not nearly as costly as replacing entire panes of glass. In addition to the front entryway, we also worked on several other rooms throughout the office space. Even within the corporate structure impressions are important, and the client chose a contemporary film with an asymmetrical lining that was nearly opaque to give privacy to a break room area outside of offices, while also permitting light to travel easily through the glass.

Common within organizations, sometimes rooms or processes will be given a certain label to instill feelings associated with what happens within. In this case, one of the window areas we worked on was outside a conference area coined, the “Integrity Room.” As Thompson Creek wants to convey integrity in all aspects of their business and products, it is important this is front and center, and we used custom decorative film to complement the initiative.

This job was a fun one to complete as we were able to work on several different ideas throughout the headquarters and consistently present the decorative film in a professional and tasteful manner. We thank Thompson Creek for their patronage!

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