A film solution to write home about




Close your eyes and imagine the last conference room you were in and think of all the items in that room: A big, long table with chairs lined up around it. In the center of the table sits a Polycom or telephone with speaker, maybe there’s some pens laying around, on one side of the room is a credenza with drawers. In those drawers – napkins, plates, cups, maybe some cords for a projector. In the corner of the room a giant flip chart or dry-erase white board (with old lines, arrows and boxes still faintly visible).

Is this description pretty close to what you remembered? While nearly all those components are universal to almost any conference room you’ve been in at your workplace or another workplace, what if you could change one thing and in doing so, create a more collaborative and natural space while creating more room to move around and remove barriers to innovation? Sounds compelling, right?

By removing that clumsy flip chart or dry-erase board, you can create more floor space to move around and collaborate on ideas but where can you capture the brilliant ideas from your hour-long brainstorming session? When we were kids, we were told not to write on the walls. And with the exception of bathroom walls, people don’t’ ordinarily write on the walls or doors, but with writable window film, nearly any surface becomes a whiteboard. Walls, doors and even desktops become your canvass for meetings while adding a sleek design that screams WRITE ON ME!

Film Room Glass Tinting offers several different styles writable film that will transform your office and meeting space from old, drab and predictable to a space to share ideas and invite creativity. Applied to glass walls or windows, this writable film offers different transparency levels (mist, fog or haze) allowing partial light to pass through (creating a unique interior design) or no light at all, identical to a traditional whiteboard.

Call us today and let us show you our affordable solutions to bring elegance and a creative flair to your boring conference room or office space.