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Commercial Window Film Applications

Commercial Window Film Applications


Window film’s unique properties provide many benefits for businesses. From aesthetical improvements to functional cost-saving ones, window film can be used in a number of ways by businesses. Because window film has many uses and because each business is unique, you will find that many organizations will utilize window film differently.

To help broaden the awareness of what can be done and to provide businesses with affordable improvements, we are going to discuss the commercial applications of window film.

If you want to learn more about window film for business then give us a call. For now, here are several applications for window film that your organization may want to consider.


Conference Room and Office Privacy

privacy film installed on conference room walls

Having privacy is an important part of doing business. Whether you’re working with an important client or documents that must remain confidential having window tint can help. 

With window film, one can block views from outside the conference room window, doors, and other glass. The tint can be placed as a design across the glass or a simple color.


Aesthetics for walls, windows and doors

Decorative window film installed on office window

What do clients and prospective clients see when they walk-by or into your establishment? Make the experience of visiting your establishment memorable by utilizing window film to showcase your logo or creative artwork on walls and windows.  

And, because window film is uniquely created and installed, it is affordable and easily removed. This is especially helpful for the businesses who rent their buildings. It provides a way to customize the look of the space that is landlord-friendly.


Decrease incoming UV rays

Solar film installed on skylights to block uv rays

A sunny window can be quite pleasing but for businesses, but it also means increased HVAC costs, and wear and tear on furniture and window merchandise. As the sun’s rays pour through a building’s windows the heat begins to rise to make it harder for AC units to keep the building at a comfortable temperature. The rays can also fade any materials that sit in the sun day after day including rugs, artwork, and everything that is exposed day after day. 

Window film allows you to reduce harmful UV rays while allowing in ample natural light. This way businesses still get to enjoy the benefits of windows such as natural lightning bu without the increased costs associated with unprotected windows.


Security enhancements to protect your business and those within

smashed security film that has not broke

When most people think about commercial window tinting or film, it usually has to do with blocking the sun or providing a nicer aesthetic. Most don’t think about the security applications that an organization can benefit from. 

Security window film is uniquely designed to offer improved protection for windows. The film prevents windows from being shattered making it harder for burglaries to break in and for glass to shoot everyone during natural disasters such as a tornado. 
Having window film installed for your Business


If you’re looking for a way to reduce HVAC costs, improve your business’s aesthetics and do it affordably, then there’s no option better than commercial grade window film. 

At Film Room Glass and Tinting, we’ve been providing commercial window film installations in the MD, DC areas for over 25 years and we love the satisfied responses we get from our customers. It’s such a beautiful end result from something that is so affordable and has a non-invasive installation process. 

If you are interested in window film for your business then ensure it is purchased and installed from a trusted source. 3M authorized dealers to guarantee you’re buying from someone who represents a brand you know you can trust. 

Give us a call to schedule an appointment or if you have questions about any of the products we offer.