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Stained Glass Film to Step Up the Creativity

Stained Glass Film to Step Up the Creativity


When you want your office space to give off the right “get down to business” vibe, don’t be afraid to get creative with it.

When it comes to choosing the most creative glass film tinting solutions, you can combine countless colors, styles, and designs to change up the office’s identity and set the exact tone you’re looking for.

For any conference room, lobby, retail space, or private office that has glass windows, walls, or doors; our decorative film options are the perfect way to liven-up the entire work space.

Glass Window Film

glass film

Out of all the clever ways we’ve seen companies change up their office’s identity with our glass window film, it’s our stained-glass decorative film that always makes for some of the most fun and creative results. When you choose our stained-glass film, you’re adding extra privacy, while giving the office environment a decorative upgrade that is sure to impress and inspire.

The aesthetic and decor are often the first things anyone notices when entering your office space. The first taste that potential clients, partners, and employees get of your company’s culture is important. Right away, judging by the ambiance, they will get a hint of what your company is about--before they are even greeted at the front desk.

Just about any window film we carry brings solid creativity to your work space, but our stained glass film brings it another step further. By choosing the right stained-glass film, you can confidently rely on the décor to set that perfect tone you’re looking for—whether it be playful, professional, or a mix of both. When the décor can add to a brand’s story, visitors will know they are dealing with true professionals.

Once you decide which stained glass film option suits your workspace the best, don’t be afraid to take the creativity another step further, and check out our custom graphic film options.

Custom Graphic Film/Logos and Lettering

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If you’re a growing brand moving to a new location, still looking for that one simple way to reinforce the brand’s identity; why not apply your logo on the glass doors, or apply the company slogan in large, attention-grabbing letters along the wall? We have endless colors to choose from, so whatever film you decide on, you can get it in your company’s exact color scheme.

So, when the time comes to decide your office ambiance, feel free to get creative with it. Proudly show off your signature colors, logos, slogans, and any other quirks that define your brand. We have all the glass film options that are sure to set the right tone for your work environment.

Why not have some fun when designing your professional workspace? Since 1996, the team at FilmRoom Glass Tinting has visited countless office spaces throughout Maryland, DC, and Virginia to apply what seems like endless lengths of window film—and they always turn out great. Click here to see some of our past projects. For more information about our services and film options, click here.