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Solar Film: Is it a Good Investment For Your Home and Business?

Solar Film: Is it a Good Investment For Your Home and Business?


We all know about the damage that UV rays from the sun can cause.  But do you know that UV rays can come in through the windows of your home or office, putting you and your family or coworkers at risk of getting skin cancer?  Let’s take a look at one solution for this problem… solar film.


The Problems That Exposure to Indoor UV Rays Can Cause


Most folks assume that they are safe from the sun’s rays while they are inside, and we all love to have “natural light” fill our spaces at work and home.  As we mentioned above, UV rays can come in through your windows and cause skin cancers.  Prolonged exposure to the sun also tends to fade furniture, carpets… even hardwood floors if they aren’t protected. 


The Advantages of Solar Film on Your Windows


Aside from the obvious advantages listed above, lowering cancer risks and preventing fading on furniture and fixtures, the sun’s rays can affect your living and working spaces in other ways.  Installing solar film will regulate the heat that is lost or gained through your windows all year long.  This will result in lower utility bills and a more comfortable home or office.  It will enhance your privacy and security as well.  It really is one of the best investments you can make in your residence or workspace.


Can’t I Apply Solar Film Myself?


While it is true that there are DIY Solar Film Kits on the market.  While solar film saves you money, DIY solar film kits do not.  Most of these DIY adventures end with a call to the pros, like Film Room.  You see, the success of the installation hinges on two major things:  Choosing the appropriate film for your space, and installing it correctly. 

If you’re determined to tackle this project yourself, read all the information you can, and start small with a modest window or two. Make sure that you learn about the different grades and shades of solar film and the different purposes they serve.  Also, study and learn the application process.  You can’t do a sloppy installation on your windows without letting the world see!   Keep in mind, though, that hiring a professional window tinting company is your best bet for saving money, time, and hard work.


Call FilmRoom Glass Tinting Today and Protect Your Investment and Your Skin!


Hiring a glass tinting professional to install solar film in your home is not a huge investment, but it can save you plenty of money when it comes to offering you protection for your health, home, and business.  Don’t let the UV rays from the sun ruin your floors, furniture, artwork, or any other part of your living or working space. 

Don’t count on windows alone for protecting your skin from the sun’s dangerous UV rays.  Certain UV rays can come right through the window, and you may or may not be aware of them.  For your comfort, your health and safety, and your peace of mind, contact FilmRoom and get an estimate for solar film installation soon!