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Custom Decorative Film: Logos and Lettering

Custom Decorative Film: Logos and Lettering


Set your company’s identity apart and go with our custom decorative film.

Film Room Glass Tinting is proud to provide quality custom decorative film products and application services to Baltimore, DC, and Northern Virginia communities, for over 20 years.

When it comes to commercial and residential space, you can choose from any of our glass film options--we have it all!

Every company has their own unique little quirks about them. Some try to hide their quirks, while others embrace their quirks and use them to project their brand identity—either way, our decorative film options bring the exact aesthetic you’re looking for to ensure that your workspace, office environment, or even the conference rooms look and feel the way they should.

For over 20 years; our trained, efficient, and dependable technicians have applied decorative film to office spaces and all kinds of commercial buildings throughout the Baltimore and Washington DC communities, indoor and outdoor. And take it from us, we’ve seen how a well-executed aesthetic can turn any old workspace into a perfectly productive, relaxing, motivating, inviting, and even creative working environment.

Our logo and lettering film options are a key decorative option to help set your company’s vibe apart from the rest of office spaces in your industry. Our decorative logo and lettering film options provide easy opportunities for promoting clever advertising and marketing materials, while serving as a perfect way to enforce the company’s brand identity within the workspace.

Logos and Lettering

custom decorative film

Logo and lettering custom decorative film options come with quick and easy, interchangeable film application that incorporates color and texture--bringing a modern twist and a creative boost, that the office space might truly need.

When it comes to projecting your brand in its most professional light, our custom logo and lettering film options go beyond the typical decorative trim and glass wall tinting. When you display your company logos and on-brand lettering in your office or workspace, the ambiance sets the tone that creates a beautifully designed aesthetic to promote the brand and company culture.

Decorative film for logos and lettering is sure to make the perfect impression for employees, business partners, and visitors alike. With skillfully rendered logos and lettering, take notice of how your lobby, reception area, conference rooms, or any other part of the office space, inside and out, feels with your brand-new decorative film—maybe the breakroom could also use and upgrade in aesthetic?

Whether its applied to the side of the building, or anywhere throughout the office space, you can expect the best in technology when it comes to well-produced designs for your company brand. When you want to create a work environment that reflects the office culture and overall tone, nothing does it better than custom logo and lettering.

When you’re looking to reinforce your company’s brand within the workspace, create a lively but productive environment, or if you just want to put a little extra emphasis on your brand’s quirky identity, Film Room Glass Tinting has something here for you.